Transaction Management

Total Control Equals Success...

Track your agents’ and loan officers’ results and hold your whole team accountable while monitoring your offline and online marketing budgets; so you can do more of what works, more often. Manage each customer transaction from start to finish and be proactive in your communication. Compare customers and agents by the number of completed deals, income, and activity (within rules and regulations set forth by your local MLS board) and set goals based on your market.

Here is how:

  • Pipeline tracking (due dates, past due dates, tasks and to-do tasks)
  • Transaction management and sales processing management
  • Customer information tracking
  • Access specific details of each deal with deal tracking
  • Store deal specific data (notes and documents)
  • Revenue tracking
  • Conflict management
  • Transaction auditing

Broker Agent 360 allows you to work within a familiar interface while capturing leads, status documents and correspondence. With mobile access, Broker Agent 360 provides a fluid experience from offer to closing whether you are in the office, on the road or at home.

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